A Necessary Reinvention

My name is Jenny. I am a wife and a mother to a 20 year-old son and a 4 year-old daughter. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. For the past two years I have been homeschooling preschoolers. Now they are about to start Kindergarten in public schools and I need to graduate to new things myself. 

So far my plan is to:

1. Concentrate on mastering my camera, a Nikon D5100 and Photoshop with dreams of having a photography business someday.

2. Work on getting  my mind and body healthy and strong which includes weight loss (20 lbs down so far using the Myfitnesspal app)

3. Attempt to learn Spanish.

4. Get a job back in the world of grownups  to help me reach my other goals.

5. I also would like to blog and use that medium to share stories and to document my success and failures with cooking, crafting and of course the previous mentioned goals. And figuring out how to be in my 40’s

6. I plan to try to take a new photo every day and blog every day. I have some pretty funny Mommy stories I’m anxious to tell.

I’m really excited to start this journey and I hope you will join me. 



4 thoughts on “A Necessary Reinvention

  1. Sounds great, I will be reading 🙂 Maybe I will stop procrastinating on my site, or come up with a better name.

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