We named her Cerridwyn

Today our daughter, who is only 4, is going to have her “kindergarten learning check”. First let me say that I think it is ridiculous to test kids who have never been required to attend school at this point. I’m not worried that she isn’t smart enough for kindergarten. I’m not worried that her level of maturity if not up to par. I’m not even concerned about her having to pronounce her name to every person who reads it. We gave her a big name and if anyone’s personality ever needed a big name it is she.

You see, she has this way of loving you that fits you more like a latex body suit with a zippered mouth than like a glove. She is all over you all the time. She is high drama, she is absolutely gorgeous and talented, and she talks all the time unfiltered and this included in her sleep. She tells everyone, especially strangers, all sorts of things that make you want to pick her up and take off running with her. When she was a baby we had to get a crib tent for her. She was an escape artist who didn’t sleep for the first two years of her life. At one point during a particularly rough night my husband said “Lesser parents would have shaken her by now.”

My son was easy as a little kid. All he needed was a box full of sand or some Legos and you wouldn’t hear from him again until he was hungry. Cerra on the other hand needs wardrobe changes, makeup and audience participation to have a good time at home! But I digress, my biggest worry about her talking with the teachers and administrators at the school is what might come out of her mouth. One time she told a story to a social services worker (true story that I will save for another blog post. Stay tuned, you don’t want to miss that one) that sounded too unbelievable to be true, but it was. Now she has started telling made up stories. She is crazy good at it! I will finally get to the story of my lovely little girl’s big fat lie:

Cerra got new big girl bedroom furniture to get ready for school. While the room was empty I was cleaning some spots on the wall. Where a desk had been where she put on her makeup (she’s 4 mind you) there was “Cerra” scrawled on  the wall in pink lipstick. I thought it was kind of cute so I left it there. I also thought it was funny because it looked like “coma” and it reminded me of “redrum” being on the wall in the “Shining”. I could tell that it hadn’t been written too terribly recently because she was no longer using a capital A at the end of her name.

So she comes in the room and notices the writing and says in an Oscar worthy tone, “Mommy, somebody wrote on the wall!”. So I took a breath and looked at her and said “Cerra, you know who did that!”, she denied knowing who had done it. I said to her “Well, you know what that says!” and in the most sweet and innocent voice she says “But Mommy, I don’t know how to read”. I was seriously speechless and my jaw was hanging open and then I said “CERRA, who wrote that on the wall?” to which she answered “I don’t know, but whoever it was, their R’s look like an M.


So I am just a tad nervous about what in the world she may come up with this evening, but it will certainly give me more things to write about.

Also for clarification, just in case my sense of humor sounded harsh. I love her more than words can say. And for all of her difficult moments I still tried for years to have another baby because I thought if we made kids this great I should try to have more.

That door is closed, but God must have known that I would need my full strength and attention for this angel.


4 thoughts on “We named her Cerridwyn

  1. Oh, wow. I love her name. My son and oldest daughter were easy and laid back. My toddler, however, sounds like your daughter. She’s only two and still doesn’t sleep through the night, and she’s a whirlwind. She just now told one of my dogs, “You’re ridiculous. Let’s go. You’re old.” lol

    • We love her name too, but I’m not sure she always will since she will be spelling and pronouncing it for the rest of her life. Good news is she may be the only one in a crowded room with such a beautiful and mysterious name full of so much history. It’s amazing how they are born with their personalities!

  2. Ha ha ha, I love her so much, I know she must be exhausting full time but, she is so much fun to be around as a bystander! She always makes me laugh!

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